Forming young adults for a life of ministry.

Saying 'Yes' to ministry at the Dale House means you will encounter deep brokenness - broken families, broken systems, and the brokenness in the human heart. Saying 'yes' breaks our hearts, bringing us closer to the heart(break) of Jesus.

Discipleship Program

The Bible stories in Exodus and Numbers tell the story of the Hebrew people wandering through the desert.  They spent forty years walking a hard road. It wasn’t supposed to be their home - hard places never are - but along the way they were constantly exposed to God’s presence.  That presence changed them.  So, when it was time to cross into the Promised Land, they were different people - ready to take the next step of faith because they knew God was with them.

The Dale House is one of those hard roads. Deep down, no one wants to be there.  Youth are dreaming of what life will be like when they’re finally free of the broken systems that brought them there.  You may wonder if you’ll be able to make it, often longing for the easier roads you could have taken but didn’t.  But walking this road changes us - and frees us to make a lifetime of difference faithfully following God into new places.

Pillars of Dale House Ministry

1. Pay Attention

The hide and seek of finding god in hard things.

2. Bear Witness

Pointing out the small changes God makes in each other.

3. Stay on the Journey

Practices, habits, and mindsets for a life of ministry.

"The Dale House Project provides young people with healing, empowerment, and connection to send them out into the world transformed by what they have experienced in our community."

Job Opportunities

Beyond the one-year program, we also offer ministry and job opportunities to serve youth and disciple young adults. Explore these opportunities below.